2nd Edition                           Effective Vineyard Spraying Available Mid-September!

The book is based upon the application of science into practice and will describe how to:

  • improve deposition throughout the canopy
  • reduce drift from the target area
  • develop more effective use of pesticides
  • improve operation and profitability of the spraying operation
  • improve grape quality through improved canopy health
  • provide a comprehensive understanding of the spraying process from machine to target
  • improve educational programs and college courses

In a very practical manner, Effective Vineyard Spraying shows sprayer owners and operators how to get the best from their machine and spraying operation.

Excellent disease and insect control is required for the production of quality grapes. In order to obtain effective coverage, the right product must be applied to the right target at the right time.

Effective Vineyard Spraying details:

  • airflow adjustment and nozzle orientation
  • methods of quantifying deposition
  • maintenance and sprayer adjustments
  • drift reduction methods based on trials at Cornell University in the past decade
  • good management of the spraying operation to maintain timeliness
  • selecting sprayers
  • getting the most from the spraying system

Effective Vineyard Spraying features:
All types of sprayers ranging from hand-held to multi-row machines

Simple fixes through to sophisticated solutions

The use of precision tools such as GPS and GIS to assist management and traceability issues

Included with a book purchase, a password-protected webpage (see “Additional Content”) with the following content:

  • Video clips on nozzle selection and sprayer calibration (metric and standard units)

  • Spreadsheet-based “What-if” programs allowing growers to assess the effect of changes in operating parameters (larger tanks, multi-row machines and rapid filling) on the overall system output

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