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Andrew Landers directs the application technology program at Cornell University and is based at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York where his research/extension/teaching appointment involves the use of engineering solutions to provide more effective and safer spraying.His group works with application systems in fruit and vegetables and practices a multi-disciplianary approach to pesticide application, working with biologists to ensure engineering techniques are biologically effective.In 2007 he was awarded the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Extension/Outreach. In February 2010 Dr Landers was presented with the New York Wine and Grape Foundation Research Award for major contributions in research and education. In 2011, Andrew Landers received the excellence in IPM Award, presented by NY Integrated Pest Management for outstanding work in NY state fruit industry. He is dedicated to promoting practical money-saving techniques for growers that are based upon sound and proven research. For those who know Andrew, he is equally at home with growers, technicians, researchers, and machinery manufacturers and is renowned for his captivating presentation style.