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Is this book an engineering science book or is it a book for grape growers?
This handbook is ideal for grape growers as it applies the results of ten years of field trials in vineyards and shows growers how to adjust their sprayer to improve deposition and reduce drift. The book covers the whole spraying process from connecting the tractor to the sprayer right through to tank rinsing prior to winter storage.

Does this book discuss how to build a patternator?
This book describes the use of a patternator and purchasing allows access to the “Additional Content” webpage which provides plans and building instructions.

What is the Additional Content page?
Due to the increasing number of computers that lack disc drives, we have decided to provide a password protected web page that contains the additional content that used to come with the CD that we would ship with the book. This page provides access to a spreadsheet for looking at the effect of changing operator parameters. There are also four video clips on nozzle selection and sprayer calibration. When you receive your book, you will find a sticker on it with the password required to access this page.